AMENO PASSION TIPS – Avoid common irritants that cause acne

Acne is annoying. If it comes to a severe outbreak, it is tempting to use every product imaginable to get rid of the problem. Unfortunately there is a problem. Many common acne treatment products contain irritating substances that tear the skin into a vicious circle of dryness, irritation and acne breakouts.

Avoid irritating astringents and regain control by familiarizing yourself with the ingredients on the labels. Here are four ingredients that you should avoid at all costs when buying acne medication:


If you look at the common acne skin care series, you will find foaming facial detergents in abundance. The problem here is the foaming agents in these cleansing products, such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or cocamidopropyl betaine (CAMS), because these also remove the natural protective oils of our sensitive facial skin. If the skin no longer has natural protection, it produces sebum to replace the lost oils, which in turn clogs the pores and causes new outbreaks of acne. The foaming agents are also highly alkaline, which throws the skin’s natural pH out of balance and weakens the important acid mantle.

Instead, it is better to choose a cream cleanser without these irritating cleansers. It is best used in combination with a muslin washcloth to gently exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells.


In addition to foaming agents in cleansing products for skin prone to acne, ethyl alcohols are often contained in the cleansing products, which then appear in the ingredients as alcohol denat, ethanol or ethyl alcohol. These alcohols dry out the skin, which leads to irritation and skin imbalances. Instead of a harsh cleanser, it is better to use natural plant water to refresh combination and oily skin. The AMENO PASSION moisturizer, for example, is suitable for this purpose, but it not only cleanses, it also calms and tones the skin. The contained rosemary extracts also have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid

If your skin is more on the temperamental side and reacts quickly irritated, you should not resort to traditional acne treatments with the ingredients benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. These powerful formulations contain many chemicals that dry out the skin and cause additional irritation, only making it more unbalanced.

An alternative is Perfect Balance Blemish Serum from Pai Skincare. This serum has the effectiveness of a traditional anti-acne product, but without the irritation. It is perfect for treating skin blemishes and helps the skin to heal.

Coarse-grained peelings

Too extreme cleansing (keyword scrubbing) for sensitive facial skin that tends to impurities will only lead to one thing: Irritations, which can aggravate acne. The same applies to peelings that are too coarse-grained, because they produce the same effect.

Then there is not only the danger of an unwanted skin reaction, but also the so important acid mantle of the skin is destroyed. In order to remove dead skin cells and impurities without damaging or irritating the skin, peelings with spherically shaped cleansing particles should definitely be used.

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