AMENO PASSION TIPS: Hair care in winter

Often it happens very quickly. You hardly notice and the summer is gone and comes back in months. In addition, the temperature changes are more and more erratic, from one day to the next it is 15 degrees colder. Then you have to turn on the heating and get warm clothes out of the box, otherwise it gets uncomfortably cold very quickly.

What the intense sunshine is in summer is the dry heating air and the generally much lower humidity in winter. It demands a lot not only from our skin, but also from our hair. In addition, we often wear tight-fitting headgear, which is not very good for our hair either. In winter, therefore, a gentle, gentle care is especially important for healthy hair.

Product recommendations

The use of a mild shampoo is a basic requirement for keeping our hair healthy. For stressed hair, the Shampoo for stressed & damaged hair from AMENO PASSION is a good solution. This concentrate, of which only a few drops are needed, protects and nourishes the hair and contains valuable ingredients of chestnut and horsetail.

The conditioner from AMENO PASSION ensures hair is easy to comb. It also provides intensive care and deep-acting moisture with native organic olive oil and aloe vera. The hair gets more volume, balance and shine.

A mousse conditioner, which is vegan and contains no silicones, is suitable for appointments. It gives every hairstyle more shine, volume and durability.

Once a week we should treat our hair with a deep penetrating, nourishing hair mask, so that it can recover from the daily strains of the dry heating air. Regenerating for hair and scalp is the hair mask from AMENO PASSION Organics with the ingredients of blue-green algae, aloe vera and also shea butter. It provides moisture, shine and suppleness and helps weak hair to recover. Simply massage into damp hair and leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

For brittle hair tips and brittle hair we can recommend the organic hair care from AMENO PASSION. It works with natural coconut oil effectively against split ends, gives shine and suppleness and protects the hair from drying out. Since this hair care can also be used as hair wax, it also tames even the most unruly curls and flying hair.

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