AMENO PASSION TIPS: Hair care in winter

Often it happens very quickly. You hardly notice and the summer is gone and comes back in months. In addition, the temperature changes are more and more erratic, from one day to the next it is 15 degrees colder. Then you have to turn on the heating and get warm clothes out of the box,Continue reading “AMENO PASSION TIPS: Hair care in winter”

AMENO PASSION TIPS – Avoid common irritants that cause acne

Acne is annoying. If it comes to a severe outbreak, it is tempting to use every product imaginable to get rid of the problem. Unfortunately there is a problem. Many common acne treatment products contain irritating substances that tear the skin into a vicious circle of dryness, irritation and acne breakouts. Avoid irritating astringents andContinue reading “AMENO PASSION TIPS – Avoid common irritants that cause acne”

AMENO PASSION TIPS – Facial cleansing: Do you make these mistakes?

We’ve probably all failed to clean our face properly at some point, just rinsed it off quickly in the shower or went to bed with make-up on – although we know the benefits of a proper cleansing. But if you take the time to cleanse your face well, the question arises: are you doing itContinue reading “AMENO PASSION TIPS – Facial cleansing: Do you make these mistakes?”

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